Convert String to Date Type in Java

Methods that can be used to convert String to Date Type in Java programming language will be examined.

Method 1: Use DateTimeFormatter:

Works in java 8 and above versions.


Example 1:

Import DateTimeFormatter first.

import java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter;

Then enter the date format for the string you are going to translate. For this code to work, the format to be created with the given string value must be consistent.

String date = "12-10-2016";
DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("d-M-yyyy");




Example 2:

String stringdate2 = "12-Aug-2016";
DateTimeFormatter formatter2 = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("d-MMM-yyyy", Locale.US);
LocalDate formattedDate2 = LocalDate.parse(stringdate2, formatter2);


Example 3:

String stringdate3 = "Monday, Aug 12, 2019 13:25:31 PM";
DateTimeFormatter formatter3 = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("EEEE, MMM d, yyyy HH:mm:ss a", Locale.US);
LocalDate formattedDate3 = LocalDate.parse(stringdate3, formatter3);


predefined formats

Formatter Description Example
ofLocalizedDate(dateStyle) Formatter with date style from the locale '2011-12-03'
ofLocalizedTime(timeStyle) Formatter with time style from the locale '10:15:30'
ofLocalizedDateTime(dateTimeStyle) Formatter with a style for date and time from the locale '3 Jun 2008 11:05:30'
ofLocalizedDateTime(dateStyle,timeStyle) Formatter with date and time styles from the locale '3 Jun 2008 11:05'
BASIC_ISO_DATE Basic ISO date '20111203'
ISO_LOCAL_DATE ISO Local Date '2011-12-03'
ISO_OFFSET_DATE ISO Date with offset '2011-12-03+01:00'
ISO_DATE ISO Date with or without offset '2011-12-03+01:00'; '2011-12-03'
ISO_LOCAL_TIME Time without offset '10:15:30'
ISO_OFFSET_TIME Time with offset '10:15:30+01:00'
ISO_TIME Time with or without offset '10:15:30+01:00'; '10:15:30'
ISO_LOCAL_DATE_TIME ISO Local Date and Time '2011-12-03T10:15:30'
ISO_OFFSET_DATE_TIME Date Time with Offset 2011-12-03T10:15:30+01:00'
ISO_ZONED_DATE_TIME Zoned Date Time '2011-12-03T10:15:30+01:00[Europe/Paris]'
ISO_DATE_TIME Date and time with ZoneId '2011-12-03T10:15:30+01:00[Europe/Paris]'
ISO_ORDINAL_DATE Year and day of year '2012-337'
ISO_WEEK_DATE Year and Week 2012-W48-6'
ISO_INSTANT Date and Time of an Instant '2011-12-03T10:15:30Z'
RFC_1123_DATE_TIME RFC 1123 / RFC 822 'Tue, 3 Jun 2008 11:05:30 GMT'


Letter The piece it represents Example
y Year 1996; 96
M Month in year July; Jul; 07
w Week in year 27
W Week in the month 2
D Days in a year 189
d Day in the month 10
F Day of the week in the month 2
E Day of the week Tuesday; Tue
a Morning / evening PM
H Time in day (0-23) 0
k Hours during the day (1-24) 24
K Hour for morning / evening (0-11) 0
h Hour for morning / evening (1-12) 12
m Minute in hour 30
s Seconds in minutes 55
S Milliseconds 978



Method 2: Using SimpleDateFormat

First, import transactions.

import java.text.ParseException;
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.Date;


Then enter the date format for the string you are going to translate. For this code to work, the format to be created with the given string value must be consistent.

    try {
            String stringdate4 = "2019/08/12";
            SimpleDateFormat simpleformatter = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd");
            Date formattedDate4 = simpleformatter.parse(stringdate4);
        } catch (ParseException e) {


Mon Aug 12 00:00:00 EEST 2019


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