How to check disk multipathing in windows?

You can easily check MPIO path configuration and also disk information with "mpclaim" command in windows. At this example, the balance policy is  Round Robin. Multipathing balance policy is shown under "LB Policy".There are 5  types of policy  that you can define for windows.

Parameter Value Description
FOO Fail Over Only.
RR Round Robin.
LQD Least Queue Depth.
LB Least Blocks.
None Currently configured default load balance policy.


C:\Windows\system32>mpclaim -s  -d

MPIO Disk    System Disk  LB Policy    DSM Name
MPIO Disk9   Disk 11      RR           Microsoft DSM

MPIO Disk8   Disk 10      RR           Microsoft DSM

*to check  number  of  paths for a disk,  type disk id and  of "mpclaim -s -d <diskID>


C:\Windows\system32>mpclaim -s  -d

MPIO Disk    System Disk  LB Policy    DSM Name
MPIO Disk9   Disk 11      RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk8   Disk 10      RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk7   Disk 9       RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk6   Disk 8       RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk5   Disk 7       RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk4   Disk 6       RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk3   Disk 5       RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk2   Disk 4       RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk1   Disk 3       RR           Microsoft DSM
MPIO Disk0   Disk 2       RR           Microsoft DSM

C:\Windows\system32>mpclaim -s  -d 4
MPIO Disk4: 08 Paths, Round Robin, Symmetric Access
Controlling DSM: Microsoft DSM
SN: 50002s2AC0001F23sad14

Supported Load Balance Policies: FOO RR RRWS LQD WP LB
Path ID          State              SCSI Address      Weight
0000000077030007 Active/Optimized   003|000|007|004   0
* TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 256, : 124
0000000077030006 Active/Optimized   003|000|006|004   0
* TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 256, : 122
0000000077030005 Active/Optimized   003|000|005|004   0
* TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 256, : 24
0000000077030004 Active/Optimized   003|000|004|004   0
* TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 256, : 22
0000000077020006 Active/Optimized   002|000|006|004   0
* TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 256, : 123
0000000077020005 Active/Optimized   002|000|005|004   0
* TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 256, : 121
0000000077020004 Active/Optimized   002|000|004|004   0
* TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 256, : 23
0000000077020003 Active/Optimized   002|000|003|004   0
* TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 256, : 21

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  5. How do i get mpclaim for all the disk in single command? commnad "mpclaim -s -d 4" gets active path for disk 4. But can i find it for all disk in single command ?

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