How to convert a Lazy Zeroed disk to Eagerly on Vmware

This  KB describes how to convert  a Lazy Zeroed disk to Eagerly on Vmware. You should  check these  steps to  apply  converting operation.

Step  1:Check where  Vmware  stored on  ESX  servers.

On vSphere  client click vmware machine and “summary”. In general  information  you ‘ll get  ESX  Host name which vmware machine stored.

Step 2:Connect and  logon  ESX server which  you  determined at  step 1:

-you can use  putty  and  any  other tool which used to connect  SSH.

Step 3:Check disk  location  that you need to convert.

-You can  get  this  information from  vSphere  Client  under resource tab.Check volume  names.

Step 4:Connect  ESX server and  start  operation

-Check  Volumes

#ls /vmfs/volumes

-Redirect  under the  volumes which  disk  is  located.
#cd /vmfs/volumes/XPAR_VOL2_R522/

-Select  Vmware  machine
#cd /vmfs/volumes/XPAR_VOL2_R522/testVmwareServer

-Start  operation for vmdk file.Disk name for  vmdk  can be  change  . In this example I try to convert  OS disk. So  maybe  you also  need to check your disk vmdk name.
#vmkfstools -k 3DSECDBt00.vmdkEagerly zeroing: 3% done.


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