SD Rejecting I/O device


Error :  kernel: sd 2:0:0:2: rejecting I/O to offline device

Problem  Detail:

Array  Controller  Bug ;I/O problem while  try to  acces  disk. When  you get this error  your  physical  volume  will be “unavailable” state  .If  you  try  “fsck”  you ‘ll get  super block error.


  • Find  out which  disk getting  trouble.
#lsscsi|grep "2:0:0:2"


  • Check  if disk belongs  to any Volume group  or  User.


#vgdisplay  -v



  • Check disk state from ILO or  with  spesific command  like  “hpacucli” for  HP hardware .
  • Also check  disk state  with  fdisk  command.


#fdisk -l /dev/sdxxx


After running this command also check  if disk getting I/O error  on messages file  perform  a  Array controller  upgrade and  re-run this  command  after  reboot.

For  HP x86 servers  update  Array  Controller  firmware and  ILO firmware. Then restart server check  if  disk problem solved. Becasue  this  problem  is related a  bug  on  Array controller which  firmware  is  older  then  2014.

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