Disk space not freed up after delete files


After removing files that unnecessary df command still shows  %100  usage for  "/appdata" or root filesystem.


  • Linux:

Check if is there any existing  "deleted"  file for the Linux machine. Check the process and kill them. The example which  I added below, user remove nohup.out file but because of  hanged  process  still getting  %100  usage for  /appdata  mount  point. After  kill  hanged  process  problem fixed.

[root@TEST appdata]# lsof | grep 'deleted'

gpm        4120      root    0u      CHR              136,0                      2 /dev/pts/0 (deleted)

gpm        4120      root    1u      CHR              136,0                      2 /dev/pts/0 (deleted)

gpm        4120      root    2u      CHR              136,0                      2 /dev/pts/0 (deleted)

perfalarm  4403      root    5u      CHR              136,0                      2 /dev/pts/0 (deleted)

java      29920  vipadmin    1w      REG              253,1 12430225408     491548 /appdata/nohup.out (deleted)

java      29920  vipadmin    2w      REG              253,1 12430225408     491548 /appdata/nohup.out (deleted)

[root@TEST appdata]# kill  -9  29920

[root@TEST appdata]# kill  -9  29920

Total size  of  removed files:

#lsof | awk '/deleted/ {sum+=$7} END {print sum}'
  • Solaris:
#ls -ld /proc/* | grep '(deleted)

-Also you can install  lsof  command for  Solaris and  use same command  which you used  in linux.I always  prefer  to use  IBMlsof instead  of  SMClsof. You can install IBM lsof package  from the  link  which I added  below.

IBMlsof Package  Link

root@TEST appdata]# lsof | grep 'deleted'

-Another  way find  out  the  process  which  use free  space:

#find /proc -links 0 -type f -size +XXXXc -ls
  • HP-UX
]#lsof +L1 | grep REG | sort -k7n | tail
root@TEST appdata]# lsof | grep 'deleted'


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