How to migrate disk Oracle Solaris Cluster SVM diskset

This documentation shows how to migrate an SVM device which is controlled by cluster diskset.

Step 1: Scan new SAN disks.

#devfsadm -Cv
#cfgadm -al

Step 2: check if new lun is online.

#luxadm prob

Step 3: Scan for Cluster did device.


Step 4: Find new dev did ID

#scdidadm -l |grep <diskname>

Step 5: Format new DID device

#format /dev/did/rdsk/d155s2

Step 6: Add device to diskset

#metaset -s oraphsds -a /dev/did/rdsk/d155

Step 7: Create New device

]#metainit -s oraphsds d58 1 1 /dev/did/rdsk/d155s0

Step 8: Attach new mirror which device 'll migrate

#metattach -s oraphsds d59 d58

Step 9: After sync finish,detach old one.

#metadetach -s oraphsds d59 d60

Step 10: Clear device first find out which did device 'll remove.

#metastat -s oraphsds d60
oraphsds/d60: Concat/Stripe
Size: 943656960 blocks (449 GB)
Stripe 0: (interlace: 32 blocks)
Device Start Block Dbase Reloc
d34s0 0 No No
d4s0 0 No No
#metaclear -s oraphsds d60

Step 11: Clear did device

#metaset -s oraphsds -d /dev/did/rdsk/d34
#metaset -s oraphsds -d /dev/did/rdsk/d4

Step 12: Check metadb if you remove perfectly.

#metadb -s oraphsds

Sometimes you need to check quorum device for finish operation. In some cases the disk which 'll migrate can be used for quorum disk.

Solaris Quorum Disk Replacement

#clq list

#clq add d155 >> we added new disk
#clq list
#clq remove d4 >> we remove old one


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