How to migrate VG to new path on HP-UX?

This post describes how to migrate Volume groups(VG) when you’ll perform a SAN switch migration. It means that disk LUNID won’t change but disk name changes.
Let’s say you have two path for all disks. And when you check VG you can observe two alternate paths. While you perform an HBA card replacement or a SAN switch migration you need to do this operation step by step. If you have two paths which comes from two HBA  port; first you need to replace one HBA cable then other.


#vgdisplay -v vgnew|grep -w “PV Name”
PV Name /dev/dsk/c6t2d3
PV Name /dev/dsk/c8t2d3 Alternate Link

Step 1: Remove the first Path From VG

#vgreduce vgnew /dev/dsk/c8t2d3

Step 2:Replace this FC cable to the new one; Scan and detect new disk.


-Check new disk LUNID and find a new alternate disk pathname. I used INQRAID .

#inqraid -fx -CLIWP /dev/rdisk/*|grep LUNID

Step 3:Add new altenate path to Volume group

#vgextend vgnew NewAltenatePath

Step 4:Apply same operations steps for the second old path.

#vgdisplay -v vgnew|grep -w “PV Name”
PV Name /dev/dsk/c6t2d3
PV Name /dev/dsk/c8t2d3 Alternate Link
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