How to install Sudo on HP-UX

This article describes how to install sudo package on  HP-UX server. Sudo stands for  "super  user do".Sudo allows a  user to run a  program with other user privileges.

First, you need to install the latest sudo packages from this  LINK. Download packages from the site then put them under a directory. After you download packages you 'll use "swinstall"  command to install packages on  HP-UX server.

Step  1:Connect the SITE to download  HP-UX  packages. Use the search  option to check the package

Step 2:Download   dependencies. Before download, dependencies check your server if this package already installed.

#swlist -l  product|grep  -i  <packagename>

Step 3:Download  all packages that you need. Be careful which release you need to download.

OS Version:

#uname  -a

Step  4:Install packages with  "swinstall"  command.

#swinstall  -s  /tmp/packages/libzip-0.11.2-ia64-11.31.depot  \*

Step 5:After  install all packages use "ldd" command for missing binaries.

#ldd /usr/local/bin/sudo


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