How to forward syslog to the remote syslog server on HP-UX

This KB describes how to configure  syslog to  forward all  logs  to the  remote  syslog server. This  can be  helpful for system administrator to  manage  system logs.

Step 1: Check syslog.conf under /etc directory.

*It's important to use "tab" in syslog.conf configuration file.

Step 2:Add This line to syslog.conf

-Edit syslog.conf

#vi /etc/syslog.conf
-Change parameters and add your config file.
*.info<tab>@<Sentinel Server IP Address>

*info @
-Save and Close

Step 3:Edit Services File

#vi /etc/services

-Find syslog 514/udp and change it to your remote syslog UDP ports;
example;If your remote syslog server port is 51414;
change it from 514/udp to 51414/udp

-Save and Close.

-Add your syslog server IP address to the /etc/hosts file

#vi /etc/hosts

Step 4: Restart Syslogd service.

#/sbin/init.d/syslogd stop 
#/sbin/init.d/syslogd start
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