How to force shutdown VMware virtual machine using esxcli

You try to power off a virtual machine on VMware but it is not shutting down through the vSphere client. It is stuck and you have completely lost access to the virtual machine. I added the commands that "How to force shutdown VMware virtual machine using esxcli"

Step 1: SSH into the host that VM is running

Step 2: Check running VM

# esxcli vm process list
   World ID: 11974692
   Process ID: 0
   VMX Cartel ID: 11974689
   UUID: 42 39 8c a8 9f 79 54 9f-24 bd 58 3a ca 5f 5a b2
   Display Name: NETXMS
   Config File: /vmfs/volumes/5550c15a/netxmsizmdb/netxm.vmx

Step 3: Use esxcli to kill VM with world-id

# esxcli vm process kill --type=force --world-id=11974692


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