Veritas Cluster Group %s has agent(s) that failed on system %s

These messages appear on the veritas cluster management console when you try to bring up a resource group that agents faulted. Also, these messages appear on engine_A.log file. If an agent got a problem while startup you ‘ll get these messages. Please apply this action plan to fix the issue.

Error: Veritas Cluster:Group %s has agent(s) that failed on system %s

Step 1:Identify problematic agent.

-Run hastatus command to check  which agent failed  on startup. Sometimes in Linux server some  modules get  problem while server  boots up.So veritas cluster agents are getting  problem when they start.

#hastatus -sum
— Type System

Step 2:Start problematic agent.

You can check "haagent -help" command to see which options you can run with "haagent"  command.

# haagent -help
VCS INFO V-16-1-10601 Usage:
haagent -start <agent> -sys <system>
haagent -stop <agent> [-force] -sys <system>
haagent -display [<agent(s)>] [-attribute <attribute(s)>]
haagent -dumpffdc <agent> -sys <system>
haagent -list [<conditional(s)>]
haagent -value <agent> <attr>
haagent [-help [-list]]

How to start  Veritas  Cluster  Agents?

#haagent -start CFSMount -sys TEST1SERVER
#haagent -start CFSMount -sys TEST2SERVER

Step 3:Try to bring online to problematic resource group again.

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