How to reset HP UCMDB jmx-console sysadmin password?

At this post  I added how to reset  sysadmin password  for  HP Universal  CMDB  to login  jmx-console. Please  follow these  steps to reset  sys-admin password for  UCMDB 10.x.

Connect  UCMDB  database  server 

Create  a new query

 select * from URM_RESOURCES where TYPE='Auth_USER' and RESOURCE_NAME='sysadmin'

Edit  password  hash and commit. 

You need to check TEXT_DATA column to change  password  hash  for  sysadmin and  then commit changes on Database. I added a  basic  hash that you can use for  reset password.

Hash Data: 4fjGc6QQqdyu8YmxfsagTWQu9lQ=

Password: Tek_123456789

Restart  UCMDB Server 

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