Do you need to install antivirus programs on Linux?

I added some key points  about how you can  manage  linux servers and  also decide  whether  install  malware  protection  programs  or not. You should follow some basic  and also  important  security  rules  for  keep  linux servers safe.

  • Update Software with  trusted repositories
  • Remove  Unnecessary  Applications and  services.
  • Beware  about  security and manage  Linux User  Roles
  • Don’t install  untrusted software. Use  recommended  Resource.
  • Monitor user and  process  activity  with  advance tools.

On the  other  hand , Why  linux  needs  Antivirus  program less  than Windows?

  • Package  Manager and Software Repositories
    • Install only trusted  package which shared by  Trusted  Platforms.
  • Other Security  Feautures
    • Linux  use  limited users  while running applications. Only they  use  Root accounts for  spesific  jobs when  they needs.
  • Low Market  Share and  Malware Count
    • Very  little linux  malware exists .And Linux malware isn’t all over the Internet like Windows malware is.  You can  protect  linux server by  mananaging  security  vulnerability.

It  doesn’t mean that you will never needs  malware  protection  programs  for  linux . A simple example  when  you should use  Antivirus  Programs  for  linux;

  • If you are running a  linux-base  file server  or mail server , you should probaby  need to use antivirus  program for  linux.  Because  you will give services  not  only linux server but also  windows  server. Virus  program will scan  file and  gets malwares which can effect  other  software. This  is the  point  that  you should evaluate if  you need  antivirus  program for  your  linux  server.
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