Windows cant detect hard drive on clean install

At this  KB   I 'll describe how to fix windows driver problems on a fresh installation. When you try to install  Windows  OS  you can get an error that windows can not find suitable Hard drives that install Operating  System. You need  to apply these steps.

Once in Windows setup started after loading data, hit shift+F10 to bring up the command line.

>diskpart [enter]
>list disk [enter]

From the list above (assuming you have more than one HD installed, if not it'll be the only one), find the number corresponding to your HD.

>select disk [number] [enter]
>clean all [enter]

If you don't want to wait too much, you can reset the server after for a while. Then start a  new installation. Now you 'll see your drive become online. If not then continue these steps and wait until clean finishes.

>create partition primary [enter]
>select partition 1 [enter]
>active [enter]
>format fs=ntfs [enter] ** see note
>assign [enter]
>exit [enter]
>exit [enter]


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