Oracle Solaris T5 How to clear Fault on SP

If Oracle ILOM detects the FRU replacement, it ‘ll automatically clear the fault so Manuel clearing not needed. In some cases, you need to clear fault manually if it depends on a BUG or something like this.

Step 1:Login ILOM SP platform with SSH connection.

-> cd /SP/faultmgmt/

Step 2:Start Shell.

> start

Are you sure you want to start /SP/faultmgmt/shell (y/n)? y[/shell]

Step 3: Get a list of fault records.

faultmgmtsp> fmdump
2013-12-04/12:25:15 943eb0ee-e567-e97f-c9bd-cdc2cebe8395 SPT-8000-5X
2013-12-04/12:27:07 c27e0d18-0a8f-e17a-ae5d-c46100a688bf SPT-8000-MJ

Step 4:Select repaired a record.

faultmgmtsp> fmadm repaired 943eb0ee-e567-e97f-c9bd-cdc2cebe8395


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