Oracle Solaris M-Series XSCF Console Firmware Upgrade

This post shows step by step how to upgrade XSCF(Extended System Control Facility) which used for monitoring and control hardware, check domains’ state. When you are connected to XSCF console by SSH, you will be prompted for a login ID and users’ password. The default ID is “default” and there is no password . Also, default user is “eis-installer” password is “eis123”.

Step 1:How to Connect?

First Choice:

#ifconfig sppp0
inet –> netmask ffffff00
#ssh <user>@

Second Choice:
Use SSH to connect XSCF console.

Step 2:How to update XSCF firmware Oracle Solaris M-Series?

*How to check XSCF version? And how to update XSCF firmware version.

XSCF>version -c xcp

“Download the latest available patch from MOS. Then put it FTP access on your server.”

XSCF> getflashimage -u root ftp://IP/tmp/FFXCP1117.tar.gz
0MB received
1MB received
2MB received
3MB received
4MB received
Download successful: 44711 Kbytes in 51 secs (922.786 Kbytes/sec)
Checking file…
MD5: e8bf7c11500d71e5a50491bcb67f3357
XSCF> getflashimage -l
Existing versions:
Version Size Date
FFXCP1117.tar.gz 45784699 Tue Apr 15 04:19:19 EEST 2014
XSCF> version -c xcp -v
XSCF#0 (Active )
XCP0 (Current): 1113
OpenBoot PROM : 02.29.0000
XSCF : 01.11.0003
XCP1 (Reserve): 1113
OpenBoot PROM : 02.29.0000
XSCF : 01.11.0003
#0: 02.29.0000
#1: 02.03.0000
XSCF> version -c xcp
XSCF#0 (Active )
XCP0 (Current): 1113
XCP1 (Reserve): 1113
XSCF> version -c xcp[/shell]
*How to check XSCF installed firmware patch?
[shell]XSCF> flashupdate -c check -m xcp -s 1116
XCP update is possible with domains up
XSCF> flashupdate -c check -m xcp -s 1117
XCP update is possible with domains up

*How to update XSCF Firmware?

XSCF> flashupdate -c update -m xcp -s 1117
The XSCF will be reset. Continue? [y|n] :y
Checking the XCP image file, please wait a minute
XCP update is started (XCP version=1117:last version=1113)
OpenBoot PROM update is started (OpenBoot PROM version=02320000)
OpenBoot PROM update has been completed (OpenBoot PROM version=02320000)


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