How to manage HP-UX device

All the devices are using their files which are located under /dev directory. Most of the devices are configured automatically during the boot up also device files to. On boot time, /sbin/ioinit.rc script will generate  new device files if needed.

  • List  all configured  devices.
# ioscan -f
  • List spesific device  like  disk/cd-rom etc.
# ioscan -funC disk
  • List  all device  under  a path.
#ioscan -funH  0/0/1/0.0.0
  • Check  tape driver
# ioscan -funC tape
  • Check installed  Network Adapter 
# ioscan -funC lan
  • Show detail of  device  file
# lssf /dev/rmt/0mn
  • Configure recently connected  disk  or  cdrom driver
# insf -C disk
  • Configure recently connected  tape driver
# insf -C tape
  • View  all  EFI Driver
#ioscan -eC disk

on from Shell prompt

Shell>map -r -fs -b
  • LUN adressing for  SCSI
#ioscan -u
  • How  to check major and  minor  number?
#ll  /dev/*
  • Check  major  and  minor  number equivalent.
#lsdev |grep 134
Major Number=134
134 -1 vols vxvm
Type-Perm owner-group Major Minor
crw-r--r-- 1 root root 134 0x000001 Jan 2 2015 trace
  • Use lssf list device file
#lssf  /dev/rdsk/c0t3d0

How  to create a spesific device file for a  device ?

  • Create  a device file cd-rom for  0.3.0  path.
# insf -H 0.3.0 -e
  • Create a block device which attached  2.2.0
# mksf -H 2.2.0 -b
  • Create a disk device  which major number  13 and minor number 0x0220012
#mknod /dev/pooldisk/disk122 c 13 0x0220012


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