How to Install safenet Software HSM ?

You can follow this instruction to install software  HSM to your local machine. You should decide which version you 'll use for your product. Then you can follow this document step by step.

Step 1: Get the file that you need.

If you want to test your code on Hardware  HSM  you must install "PCI_HSM_ACCESS_PROVIDER" and  "RUNTIME".

But for this case, we 'll install only software HSM. So you should just install the "PTKC_SDK" package.

Step 2: Install  Software

For windows server, it's simple to install with the "PTKjpsdk.msi"  file.  After installation finished it'll ask which mode you want to install. At this step choose Software HSM then click the "next"  button.

Linux, it's a bit complicated. First, you need to install  "Kernel-header, GCC and kernel-devel package". Then  You need to install the "PTKjpsdk-5.X.X" rpm file with  "rpm -ivh  PTKjpsdk-5.X.X.rpm" command.

Then you need to check the binary path. There will a  file named . Please add this script to your profile with the source option.

For example, this is my setvars  file. Please change "PTKBIN,CPROVDIR,PTKLIB" library file. This path information can be changed with the version of the RPM file.

Step 3: Copy another cryptoki file.

If you have another server that your keys imported, you can copy cryptoki folder for the newly installed server then your keys will be ok. All keys will be copied new installed server.

For windows server, cryptoki file is located under the "C:\\" directory.

# **************************************************************************
# setvars - Setup PTK Environment
# **************************************************************************
# NOTE: Do not run this script directly. Source it or call it from your
# startup script ( ~/.shrc, ~/.bashrc, etc)
# To globally enable this script, copy or link it to
# /etc/profile.d/ or your shell's equivalent
# **************************************************************************

if [ "a$(basename -- "$0")" = "" ]; then
echo "The PTK setvars script should not be executed directly."
echo "Source it or call it from a startup script."

export CPROVDIR=/opt/PTK
export PTKBIN=$CPROVDIR/bin:/opt/ETcprt/bin:/opt/ETpcihsm/bin
export PTKLIB=$CPROVDIR/lib:/opt/ETcprt/lib:/opt/ETpcihsm/lib

if [ -x /bin/grep ];

if ! echo $PATH | $GREPCOMMAND -q $PTKBIN; then


if ! echo $MANPATH | $GREPCOMMAND -q $PTKMAN; then

Step 4: Linux server Profile  example

# cat .profile
# cat .bashrc
# User specific aliases and functions
alias rm='rm -i'
alias cp='cp -i'
alias mv='mv -i'

# Source global definitions
if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
. /etc/bashrc
source /appdata/
[appuser@aras01 ~]$

Step  4:Check hsm state with command.

#ctconf -v
#ctconf  -t


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