How to disable user account expiration on HP-UX

From the modprpw man page, no aging is present if the following 4 parameters are set zero

  • mintm
    • mintm=value database u_minchg=(value*86400).Set the minimum time interval between
      password changes (days). 0 = none. Same as
      non-trusted mode minimum time
  • exptm
    • exptm=value database u_exp=(value*86400).Set password expiration time interval (days).
      0 = not expired. Same as non-trusted mode
      maximum time.
  • expwarn
    • expwarn=value       database u_pw_expire_warning=(value*86400).
  • lftm
    • lftm=value database u_life.Set password life time interval (days). 0 =

How to disable  password  expiration on  hp-ux ?

  • In Trusted  Systems
    • # /usr/lbin/modprpw -l -m mintm=0,exptm=0,expwarn=0,lftm=0 <USER-ID>
# /usr/lbin/modprpw -l -m mintm=0,exptm=0,expwarn=0,lftm=0  usrcntrl
  • In  Non-Trusted  Systems
    • passwd -x -1 <USER-ID>
#passwd -x -1 usrcntrl 


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