How to create Virtual Switch on HP-UX VPAR

At this post, I added step by step how to create a virtual switch on  HP-UX vPAR and assign it to the vPAR VM nodes.

Step 1:Create new APA device lan901

Check if 901 is free to use.

#nwmgr -S apa -I 901 -A all
#nwmgr -a -S apa -c lan901 -A links=1,2 -A mode=LAN_MONITOR -A lb=LB_HS
#nwmgr -S apa -I 901 -A all
#nwmgr -s -S apa -A all --saved --from cu

Step 2: Create Virtual Switch

#hpvmnet -c -S vm172 -n 901
#hpvmnet -S vm172

Step 3: Add vm node to Virtual Switch

#vparmodify -p VMNODEx -a network:avio_lan::vswitch:vm172
#hpvmnet -S vm172

If you have more VLANs, then you should define VLANID for ports.

#hpvmnet -S vm172 -u portid:1:vlanid:12
#hpvmnet -S vm172 -u portid:2:vlanid:22


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