How to Check fabric port on Brocade SAN Switch

At this KB, I describe how to check SAN switch fabric information and nodes.

Step 1: First  Connect  SAN switch  over  SSH

#switchshow |grep SAN

Index Port Address Media Speed State Proto
24 24 031f00 id 8G Online FC E-Port 10:00:00:21:f8:46:47:7f "SAN_SW_2" (downstream)(Trunk master)
32 32 031700 id N8 Online FC E-Port 10:00:00:15:33:d4:7b:99 "SAN_SW_1" (downstream)
36 36 031600 id N8 Online FC E-Port 10:00:50:e1:1a:4d:25:cb "SAN_SW_3" (downstream)(Trunk master)
38 38 031200 id N4 Online FC E-Port 10:00:00:15:1e:23:24:57 "SAN_SW_4" (downstream)(Trunk master)

27  27   031900   id    N8       Online      FC  E-Port  10:00:50:cb:sa:56:91:ce "SAN_SW_5" (Trunk master)   [/shell]

Switch ID Worldwide Name Enet IP Addr FC IP Addr Name
1: fffc01 10:00:00:05:1e:90:97:97 "BKM_NEW_SAN_SW1-230"
3: fffc03 10:00:00:05:33:54:bc:be >"SAN_BROCADE_5"
4: fffc04 10:00:00:05:33:d6:7b:99 "SAN_SW_3DSEC_2"
5: fffc05 10:00:00:27:f8:42:47:7f "AVRSW"
6: fffc06 10:00:50:eb:1a:4f:93:cb "SAN_BROCADE_7"

The Fabric has 5 switches


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