Comparisons between Exadata Versions X4-2 X5-2 X6-2

Obliviously Exadata X6  will be faster and  flexible  then the  earlier version.Here  I have given some   comparisons between  exadata version with  full configuration based on Oracle Documentation.


Metric X4 X5 X6
CPU  2 Twelve-Core


Intel® Xeon® E5-2697 v2 Processors (2.7GHz)

 1 or 2 processors with 18 Core


Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family

 2x 22-core


Xeon E5- 2699 v4 processors

Memory  512 GB Max  768 GB Max  DDR4  768 GB Max DDR4
Extreme Flash Capacity  44.8  High Speed  Flash  89.6 TB Flash 358.4 TB
High Capacity  Flash Drive  168 X 1.2 TB (High  Performance)  168 X  8 TB  179.2 TB
Number Of DB Servers  8  8  8
Number Of Storage Servers  14  14  14
Maximum SQL Flash Bandwith  HC:100 GB/s HP:100 GB/s  HC:140 GB/s  EF:263 GB/s  HC:301 GB/s EF:350 GB/s
Maximum SQL flash write IOPS  Read:2,660,000 Write:1,960,000 HC Read:4,144,000


HC Write:2,688,000

EF Read:4,144,000

EF Write:4,144,000

HC Read:4,500,000


HC Write:4,144,000

EF Read:4,500,000

EF Write:4,144,000

*HC = High Capacity. EF = Extreme Flash


Exadata X6  Data Sheet

Exadata X5 Data sheet

Exadata Technical  Overview

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